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How To Use A Pressure Washer Safely

There are two types of pressure washers: gas and electric machines. Although both of these types of top pressure washers can give excellent performance quickly, you have to learn how to use them properly for a safe and effective outcome.

If not, the high pressure of the water spray may cause some severe damage - breaking windows, stripping paint from your vehicle, even gouging holes in bricks. In an extreme case, it can harm your body and can result in electrocution, lacerations, and deadly falls.

Read the manual

There is no need to read a pressure washer review because the manual will tell you how to operate a pressure washer correctly. Furthermore, it also comes with other information about troubleshooting tips, warranties, customer service, and replacement parts.

Avoid using the zero-degree nozzle

The zero-degree nozzle is the highest pressure nozzle. Because of shooting a narrow stream of water pressure, it's likely to cause some property damages and physical injuries.

Put on protective gear

Don't wear shorts and flip flops when using a pressure washer. Instead, please put on some protective gear such as pants, ear protection, work gloves, and safety goggles. You should wear a pair of enclosed shoes, but it's better to pick up steel-toed boots.

Prepare your surroundings

Before using the pressure washer, you need to close your windows, cover vents, and exterior lights to keep them from the risk of direct contact with water. You also should remove all tripping hazards out of the way, such as potted plants, toys, garden hose, wires, pieces of furniture, pets, and children, of course.


Here is the most important tip when using a pressure washer. NEVER PLACE YOUR HANDS OR ANY PART OF YOUR BODY IN THE WAY OF YOUR PRESSURE WASHER SPRAY!

Please take a look at other rules:

Don't spray it at other people.

Don't allow your kids to use your pressure washer.

Don't use ladders

It's very easy for a pressure washer to create a serve kickback force, resulting in a nasty fall. So, if you want to reach a higher position, you had better use an extension wand. Or you can get the help of a professional cleaner.

Additional tips

Depending on which type of pressure washer you use, you can follow one of the two following tips:

Don't combine an electric pressure washer with extension cords because you are pairing water with electricity. If you don't know how to ground the extension cord properly, you are at a high risk of electrocution.

In some cases, an extension cord might shorten your pressure washer's life.

A gas pressure washer is not suited to work in an enclosed space. This type of machine requires adequate ventilation for the exhaust because it emits carbon monoxide.


Turn off your pressure washer immediately, if you have trouble breathing, have nausea, headache, and feel overly fatigued or dizzy.

Finally, the engine tends to be hot, so you should turn the machine off to let it cool before storing it. If you don't want your hoses to melt, keep them away from the engine.

The Best rated pressure washer can give you high performance, but only while using some helpful tips that can save your life. Thus, remember to read the manual to understand your machine and wear protective gear to protect your body. Don’t touch a hot machine and use a ladder, unless you want to hurt yourself.


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